Festival Accord Parfait Irancy 2014

Welcome to the official homepage of the festival presented by award winning Steinway artist Marianna Shirinyan.

This year’s festival runs from 17-20 July 2014.

 For this year’s festival (2014) Marianna Shirinyan has once again selected a group of very talented performers and this year, for the first time, there will be a Danish mezzo-soprano, Andrea Pellegrini. The audience will be taken on a journey, discovering the gypsy influences in the heart of classical music. Lively and vibrant gypsy folk tunes from the east have inspired many composers, who have then included them in their own artistic creations. It is this same thirst for life, this great joy, that the Accord Parfait festival proposes to share with its audience this year.


A key to the success of the festival is undeniably the high quality of artists that it presents: With Marianna Shirinyan as ambassador for the Accord Parfait festival, this is an appointment not to be missed for highly acclaimed musicians worldwide. Despite the prestigious performers, the emphasis is on creating a simple, relaxed atmosphere, where the performers can openly embrace a dialogue with the public. The primary goal of the Accord Parfait festival is to share the love of music and the joy that it can bring with as many people as possible.



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